Poker tournaments: the various formats and which are the best

Poker tournaments: the various formats and which are the best

Do you want to play poker Indonesia tournaments but not know which one to choose? Currently, there is plethora of online and live poker tournaments and choosing the best one to participate is not simple.


Types of online poker tournaments

Faced with the growth in the number of players in recent years, the best sites to play online poker have started to offer new types of tournaments. It is possible to find poker championships in different formats, with several betting alternatives. Some of the types of online poker tournaments are exclusive to internet players and are not repeated in live poker tournaments.

Multi-Table Tournaments

For those who want to win a lot of money in a single poker tournament, multi-table tournaments are the best option. They are also the best known of all the types of online poker tournaments available. The tournament is played with several tables simultaneously, each with a certain number of players. To participate, the player pays the buy-in and receives a starting stack equal to that of all other participants.

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Sit and Go

Poker tournaments in the Sit & Go format are very popular. They are usually played at only one table and do not have a starting time. When the spots are filled, the competition begins. In online poker, with the sheer volume of players willing to participate, these tournaments take just a few minutes to start. Championships in the Sit & Go format are valid for those who want to gain more experience.

Fifty-50 Tournaments

Fifty-50 tournaments are a variation of single table Sit & Go tournaments. In Fifty-50, the event ends when half of the participants are eliminated.

Shootout Tournaments

Shootout tournaments are similar in format to multi-table and Sit & Go.  There are several participants, but each player remains only at one table. When there is a winner at the starting table, players are pooled at new tables until a tournament winner is determined.

Head-Up Tournaments

Among Shootout tournaments, there are those that are Head-Up. In this format, players are grouped into pairs, play a grouping tournament until only one-player remains.

Turbo Tournaments

Turbo poker tournaments are made especially for those who do not have a lot of time to play. These championships have similar formats to Multi-Table Tournaments, but they force players to make faster decisions, accelerating the speed of dispute. There are also Hyper-Turbo tournaments.

Bounty Tournaments

In the Bounty tournament, the competition follows the same format as the multi-table tournaments, with the difference that the player receives a prize each time he eliminates an opponent. Each player is worth a prize.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments serve as a ranking for larger tournaments. There are satellite tournaments that also offer accommodation and money for other expenses.

Guaranteed Tournaments

The best poker sites offer weekly tournaments with big prizes. Precisely because they have a high prize pool, these championships attract many players.

Free roll Tournaments

Are you looking for a free idn poker online tournament? So keep an eye out free rolls tournaments. In addition to having free entry, free rolls have variable prizes, either cash or free entries into another tournament. The number of registrations is always very restricted.